Enter and Win!  Contest Dates:  May 10th-May 22nd    Winner Announced:  May 31st


Yes all nuts are seeds, and our prized Popcorn Seed was grown just over the border by our friends in Iowa.  This family recipe of our famous small batch Caramel Corn goes back to the 80s, and still today we make all our best-selling varieties in 20lb batches using copper kettles.   Annually, we make over 70% of our Caramel Corns for our National Fundraising Business that raises millions of dollars every year for Athletic & Sports Teams, Church & Ministry, Spirit Groups (Dance & Cheer), Music Groups (Band & Choir), Schools & Parents, Clubs & Service.   

We heard from kids (and coaches) across the country that they wanted us to create a flavor filled combination of our classic caramel corn recipe with a twist of everyone’s favorite flavors of the rainbow.  What we didn’t expect was that when we made the first batch for family and friends of all of our employees, that adults too went crazy arguing which flavor they liked best and telling stories about what flavor brought back a flood of memories from childhood.    


To participate, in the fields below please enter the basics for entry into the contact:  your full name, email address, as well as the date and location you purchased from (St Paul, Minneapolis or ONLINE HERE)

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We will take entries for this new item between May 10th and May 22nd

From the submissions, we’ll vet and then choose our favorite name. Announcement of the name will be announced on May 31st through our weekly email and through all of our social media channels. 



If you win our Name The Nuts contest, you will be invited to our Minneapolis Willy Wonka workshop to assist in making a fresh batch of the new creation.  You will be featured as the prize winner announced on our website and across all of our social media channels.  AND you will receive 25 LIMITED EDITION BAGS to share with your family and friends of the newly named creation with a custom label highlighting you as the naming champion in this Name The Nuts Contest! 

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