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The Perfect Holiday Gift!

There's nothing like cracking the seal on a shiny tin of delicious, fresh roasted nuts. Our customers count on us year-after-year to deliver the freshest nuts, in the most festive tins, to their most valued clients, employees, family or friends.

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pick from 3 types of nuts

Step 1: Select Nut Type

Choose between Extra Large Whole Cashews, Fancy Deluxe Mixed Nuts, Milk Chocolate Covered Almonds, or our NEW Split Tin and our NEWEST "Famous Four" Split Tin.

Want a different nut? We can accommodate! Please contact us with your specific request.

Step 2: Determine Size & Quantity

Cashews & Mixed Nuts are available in 1lb, 2lb, 3lb, and 5lb tins.

Milk & Dark Chocolate Covered Almonds are available in 1.25lb, 2.25lb, and 3.25lb tins.

Split Tins are available in 2.5lb tins only.

Butter Toffee Peanuts are available in 2lb tins.

Hokey Pokey is available in 1.75lb or 4lb tins.

The "Famous Four" Gift Tin are only available in 4lb sizes.

Step 3: Customize your Tin

Make an already unforgettable gift even more memorable when its branded and personalized from you! Provide us your logo and let us design a beautiful customized insert card that we will build into each handmade gift tin. Once they pop the lid they will have one last thought of you before they dig into the best nuts they have every put in their mouth!

Writing a holiday gift list

Step 4: Send Us Your List

Provide us your holiday gift-giving list and we do the rest!

We can deliver the entire order to your business or we can ship the gifts directly to your customers, family and friends.

Important: If you have an order of 10 or more items that you need shipped to multiple locations, please use the Gift List Template below and email it to us at We will then contact you to finalize your order, add custom messages if required, and process your payment.

Gift List Template (103KB Download)

Choose a gift tin below to get started:

Chocolate Covered Almonds - Gift Tin-Gift Tins-We Are Nuts!
The Split Tin - Gift Tin-Gift Tins-We Are Nuts!
Glitz Bag (18 oz)-Gift Tins-We Are Nuts!
Glitz Bag (18 oz)
Sale price$29.95
Hokey Pokey - Gift Tin-Gift Tins-We Are Nuts!
Hokey Pokey - Gift Tin
Sale priceFrom $32.95
3 reviews
Choose options
The Famous Four Gift Tin (48 oz)-Gift Tins-We Are Nuts!
"Thank You" Hokey Pokey Gift Tin (64 oz)-Gift Tins-We Are Nuts!
Best of Trail Mixes Nut House-Gift Tins-We Are Nuts!
Best of Toffee Nuts Nut House-Gift Tins-We Are Nuts!
Our Best of Our Best Gift Basket-Gift Tins-We Are Nuts!

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